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The thing that I like most about Cape Coral Accounting is that they seem to be really good with numbers. And they really like dogs as well. But more importantly, we’ve recently moved our business from NY which involved moving our factory and residence, a stressful time to be sure as we had to maintain business operations in NY in terms of manufacturing and order fulfillment while we were setting up our living environment and re-establishing our factory and training a completely new staff. Along with that comes transferring our LLC’s to Florida, establishing New LLC’s, setting up sales tax, business licenses and maintaining all of the same as we were slammed with a growth spurt that didn’t give us any room to do anything but run the business. If it wasn’t for Lori and Whitney helping as a third hand to say the least, we would have imploded. We are very thankful that they are with us to help keep us on track while we continue to be way to busy to manage the fine details of running a successful business.

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